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Cornerstone Mortgage Company is a company that gladly takes your information to get you pre-qualified so when you shop for a home you are told you are TOTALLY qualified at this point to purchase. Seems like they sit on your paperwork .

. . you have great credit, job and home, perfect scenario for a loan. After several weeks of prequalifying and 6 weeks into the contract, the underwriters find a way to deny your loan for no good reason!

Even though you work in a couple of different states at different times of the year and are wanting to purchase your retirement, the underwriters have made it their decision that they don't believe it is going to be your permanent residence, so it is NO.

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #960077

I am having this problem right now as I read this I started the process in January here it is March and they just said now we have to set up a meeting???


agreed. NO mortgage company takes an application so they can deny it.

Its a huge waste of time and money.

They only make money when the loan is completed. Yea, there was definitely more to it.


The complainer simply has not provided enough information here for anyone to have a valid opinion. Lenders make money by making loans.

If the complainer was declined, then there was probably cause for denial.

The uniqueness of working in multiple states is not cause, but she was probably told the real reason and does not want to embarass herself with telling us why. No cause.

to Gary O***nor Houston, Texas, United States #711243

No this company is just straight up a bunch of crooks and completely unprofessional! You must work for this *** company. I feel bad for you!

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